Shahrukh Khan wrote the letter, said – I have done your turn …

Shahrukh Khan wrote the letter
Shahrukh Khan wrote the letter

Shahrukh Khan wrote the letter said he made many big announcements for the fight with Coronavirus. Now he wrote a letter, which is attracting a lot of attention.

New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan made several big announcements a few days before the battle with Coronavirus. Now he has again written a letter in this regard, which is attracting a lot of attention. Shahrukh Khan is constantly making people aware in this hour of crisis.

Shahrukh Khan wrote the letter has been tweeted by his film production company Red Chili. SRK said in his comments: “Right now we are all going through a big crisis, so everyone need to stand up bravely together. This crisis is not going to end so soon.

It will take time and we have to cooperate. Therefore, do as much as we can to support each other. As citizens of the nation, it is our duty to give what we have got. That is why I want to give my best in this time of crisis and hope I hope that you too will do this.

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We can all come together and fight this epidemic. After night, the new day will come, the day will not change, the date will change. “

Shah Rukh Khan has made a special appeal to people through this letter. On Saturday, he offered to make his 4-storey building a quarantine center in front of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) so that children, women and the elderly could be quarantined.

Shah Rukh Khan earlier on Thursday extended a helping hand with his group of companies. It was pledged to provide financial assistance ranging from government funds to 50,000 PPE kits, food needs of 5500 families in Mumbai, 3 lakh meal kits for 10,000 people, grocery for 2500 daily wage laborers in Delhi and 100 acid surveyors.

In the last 24 hours, the number of coronavirus patients in the country has increased by 472 and 9 people have died. Now the total number of patients is 3374 and the figure of the dead has also increased to 77.

Shahrukh Khan wrote the letter, in his letter said “at the same time, the number of patients recovering is 267. The kind of data that came out yesterday about Coronavirus in India was quite disturbing. Between Friday and Saturday, 601 new cases were reported and 12 people died. This was the largest ever by 24 hours. These figures also included a significant number of tabliagi.”


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