Hurricane Dorian : The devastation caused by the storm in the Bahamas

This GOES-16 satellite image taken Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019, at 16:00 UTC and provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), shows Hurricane Dorian, right, churning over the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Dorian bore down on the Bahamas as a fierce Category 4 storm Saturday, with new projections showing it curving upward enough to potentially spare Florida a direct hit but still threatening parts of the Southeast U.S. with powerful winds and rising ocean water that causes what can be deadly flooding.(NOAA via AP)

Hurricane Dorian: The devastation caused by the storm in the Bahamas; Water reached the roofs, alert issued in America

Hurricane Dorian: The devastation caused by the storm in the Caribbean countries in Bahamas ; Water reached the roofs, alert issued in US America.

Freeport, AP. In the Caribbean country Bahamas, on Monday, severe storm Dorian wreaked havoc. The roofs of many houses came under the grip of the storm. The situation of the storm was such that the rescuers had to save themselves by hiding here and there.

Due to Hurricane Dorian the wind was blowing at a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour during the storm. Grand Bahama minister Quasi Thompson said the situation is difficult. Rescuers are also not in a position to do anything. Rescue work will accelerate as soon as the situation is under control.

Rooftop water
On Monday morning, water reached the roofs of people in many parts of the Grand Bahamas. A woman has shared a video of water hiccups on the steps of the second floor of her house. Similarly, water reached the homes of people in the Freeport area.

Member of Parliament Darren Henfield said that there has been a massive devastation in Abaco, an island in the Bahamas. There is not much information available about the surrounding areas. On several islands in the Bahamas, there are reports of catastrophe caused by the storm.

America issued alert
Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center in the US has issued a cautionary alert in the coastal areas of Florida and Georgia. The weather forecast states that the storm will remain off the coast. However meteorologist Daniel Brown said even a slight change in the path of the storm could cause major damage. In such a situation, vigilance is necessary.


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