Demand to suspend parliament before Breguit, Empress approved


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for parliament to be suspended until 14 October, and the Queen has also approved. He describes it as a bold and ambitious agenda. On Wednesday, he made this demand in front of the Queen.

Demand to suspend parliament before Breguit, Empress approved

The Prime Minister’s Office said that Johnson would ask Queen Elizabeth II to request the suspension of the current session of Parliament at the next sitting, starting on September 9 next month.

The Prime Minister’s Office said, “After the conclusion of the traditional party conferences, the second session of this Parliament will begin with the Queen’s address on Monday 14 October.”

Johnson informed his cabinet of the plan in a meeting held earlier. Breguit has been cited as the top legislative priority.

If a new deal comes before the European Council in mid-October, he will introduce the ‘Withdrawal Agreement Bill’ and in response to the Prime Minister’s move to suspend the parliament passed by 31 October, UK House of Commons president John Bercow said This reflects ‘constitutional outrage’.

Bercow said he had not been told about Prime Minister Johnson’s decision before. He said that it is perfectly clear that the purpose of suspension is to prevent Parliament from discussing Breguit.


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