Cain Velasquez UFC Future WWE Debut

Cain Velasquez Comments On UFC Future WWE Debut
Cain Velasquez Comments On UFC Future WWE Debut

Cain Velasquez Comments On UFC Future Following WWE Debut

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez has opened up his future fight after his WWE debut.

Last night (October 4), Velasquez closed the Fox Debut of WWE SmackDown with the newly activated WWE Champion Brock Lassner. There is a story going on in WWE in which Lesnar attacks Ray Mysterio and his son. Velasquez landed on the entrance ramp with Mysterio and patted Lesnar inside the ring.

Cain Velasquez Discusses Fighting Future
ESPN’s Mark Raymondi caught up with Velasquez after his WWE debut. Although the eighth-ranked UFC heavyweight is yet to sign with WWE, it is not expected to last long.

“Yes, we’re doing some work here and there. But I think it’s a great story, it’s a great rivalry between me and Brock. WWE has a strong UFC tie, which is now wrestling.

We’re both competitive so it’s the same kind of feeling when I fired him at Anaheim. He was talking about how Fancy played a very big role in that fight because I’m sure. In the Anahem had stood there and people were screaming just Mexican spells on him. “

As far as his future struggles are concerned, Velasquez feels that he may return to the Octagon if he itches again.

UFC, I think the fight is always there. I think I have those skills. It was really fun for me at the time and who knows where I would wake up from here. But I enjoy what I’m doing Take me and this is for me. “


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